We at srida IT understand that data is critical for any business and our managed backup services aim to protect our customer’s data and ensure to minimize data loss. We are your safe guards!

Protecting your business critical data

Data loss can be fatal to organizations. Our Managed Backup services aim to mitigate risks associated with data loss thus protecting the vital information. Our customers enjoy the following benefits

  1. Risk mitigation plan of their operations that includes data loss prevention
  2. Business continuity plan in practice
  3. Complete Protection from any data breach or loss that leads to peace of mind

Who’s it for?

Our managed backup solutions cater to SMB’s, enterprise segments, from startups to mid-size organizations. Customers get benefited with our services which are economical and effective saving time and cost to the companies.

We are here to help! Our customer could be an entrepreneur wearing different hats to run his startup or he is a part of IT team or he could be heading IT team for a large enterprise, we are here to help you. Our managed backup services are designed to protect your data & ICT systems as a part of business continuity.

Backup Services

Through our managed backup services, we not only focus on data loss but also on data recovery in case of any incident

  • We use multiple storage devices to ensure your data and files are copied and saved
  • Automated backups would be scheduled and managed
  • Easy to use, reliable & scalable technology
  • Benefits of Managed Backup

  • Risk mitigation
  • Premium protection of information
  • Scope for better planning and budgeting
  • 24* 7 * 365 Support
  • IT Consulting & Advisory
  • On premises or virtual support