Managed Continuity

srida’s mission is to support its customers to protect their ICT Systems, prevent data loss and aim for business continuity. Thanks to our Managed Continuity solutions that are designed to accomplish this mission for all business setups.

Proactive approach to protect your ICT systems

We understand how important ICT system is for an organization and its criticality in business continuity. Organizations have been in search of ways to protect themselves against data loss and reputation. srida’s approach is proactive rather than reactive. We believe in prevention than cure.

Our wide bouquet of business continuity solutions ensure ICT Systems are protected & data loss is prevented so that our customers enjoy business continuity as our managed continuity services are designed for types and sizes of businesses.

Benefits of our business continuity solutions

Speed Matters

Latest technologies & tools that we use ensure data is recovered almost immediately to ensure business continuity

Remote Recovery

Proactive risk management is critical is business continuity. We take steps to ensure your data is secure through our remote continuity solution so that our customers can mitigate any unforeseen risks

Proactive Approach

Threat incidents do not come with invitation. Proactive approach is the only way to reduce the risks that could range anything from hardware failure to backup/archive software error.

Business Continuity policy

Policies for Business Continuity and disaster recovery should be in place and organizations should ensure that these policies are implemented. We help organizations in framing and implementation of ICT continuity plan

Files and more

Our Business Continuity solutions not only reduce risk by file recovery but also previous versions of files and entire systems along with capability to rebuild and create server images

Our Strengths

  1. As Information Security specialists, we have a track record of helping our customers ensure business continuity
  2. We are here to help our customers for anything that they may need in “IT”
  3. 24*7 real time monitoring for potential problems
  4. The solutions that we provide are very time and cost effective and we support our customers for their business continuity
  5. we are a 360 degree consulting firm, from project design to network architecture and from installation & configuration to training and hand holding, from IT Automation to IT 24/7 Support, we take care of your IT