One of our core competencies in Managed IT is managing email services for our customers. Leave your worries with us as we would ensure a safe, secure and reliable email services so that you could focus on your core business!

Email – Business Communication

Email plays such a crucial role in today’s business world that any disruption could cost not only business reputation but also time. We support our customers to ensure seemingly smooth email services to run their business.

Our Value Proposition

  1. We aim at zero downtime so as to ensure smooth business communication
  2. Minimize phishing, spam and virus threats, that could potentially consume lot of efforts and energy
  3. Fix email issues within committed SLAs to ensure smooth business communication
  4. Monitor email systems to proactively identify threats and resolve issues

We could add value to the internal IT team or the organization itself by managing your email services. Our mission is to give our customers best email solution, be it cloud based or hybrid based on customer’s requirement and environment

Benefits of Our Managed Email

We believe that email is backbone of any organization. Our managed email services aim at delighting our customers by providing efficient, reliable and economical email services irrespective of the size of the organization.

Easy and cost effective monthly payments

We make it convenient to our customers through our easy and affordable pricing. We have an option of converting capital expenditure to operational expenditure so that our customers can go for easy monthly subscription model which in turn won’t burn their pockets. Moreover our costing is scalable and economical.

Simple & scalable

Full-fledged email mechanism that could be hosted in the cloud or on premises or a hybrid modelbased on client’s requirement and environment and scalable according to the growth.

Secure & spam free

Every service that we design for our customers is tailor made keeping security standards in mind. As information security specialists and MSSP (Managed Security Service Providers), we ensure highest standards of logical security. Our managed email services are designed in order to block spam and viruses at source, so that it is secured and also increase your IT Team’s efficiency

Continuous business communication

Our Technology Specialists ensure least possible downtime, so that business continuity is maintained and our customers can use safe, secured email services from anywhere in the world.

Auto email archival

We offer auto archival to our customers that is easy and convenient rather than maintaining complex and expensive backup hardware solutions. Our customers have an option to search & retrieve emails whenever they want as the emails are auto archived. Our customers enjoy hassle free email services without having to upgrade and maintain expensive servers & storage