Managed Workstations

Today, every business requires continuous support of IT infrastructure in order to sustain and grow. We play a vital role in managing workstations, desktops, laptops & mobiles by continuously monitoring & enhancing their performance. IT Optimization is our agenda through our Managed Workstations.

Managing your PCs &laptops

Workstations, PCs & Laptops are some of our key assets for any business and any issues pertaining to them will not only hamper productivity but also business. You can now focus on driving strategic initiatives and leave the operational level desktop & PC management to us. We will Manage Workstations for you!

Services we offer

Leave your day-to-day hassles of managing workstations & PCs as we will manage them for you. Our Managed Workstations not only aim at reducing the downtime but also optimize health of workstations through the following services

  1. Workstations, PCs & laptops audit
  2. Software and other applications report
  3. Incident & problems report
  4. Remote event management
  5. Updating security & threat management softwares
  6. Optimizing performance
  7. Comprehensive patch management, updation & reporting
  8. Hotfix management
  9. Proactive management & problem resolution

What do you get?

Our team of Technology Specialists manage workstations by installing a secure custom application on desktop computers including PCs, laptops servers to monitor the following

  1. Anti-virus and threat management
  2. Information Security
  3. Overall Performance
  4. Email performance
  5. Disk Space
  6. Backups
  7. Hardware & Software
  8. Network Monitoring

Is this service for you?

Whether your company is an enterprise or a small and medium scale business or even a startup, our scalable Managed Workstation service suits all sizes and industry verticals.
If you are a CEO driving a startup, or a Chief Technology Officer driving a team of IT Managers, or an IT manager managing your company’s IT, our Managed Workstations is perfectly designed for you to leave your IT hassles to us and focus on driving core business!